Angela Taffinder

For over three decades Angela Taffinder has specialised in providing skin care, figure improvement, and wellness treatments.

 In 1988 Angela attended 3 years of intensive study at the London Institute of Beauty Culture, graduating in1991 and completing the Confederation International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology Diplomas in Aesthetician and Body Therapy.

About Angela’s Interests in Skin Care, Health and Well-being

From the earliest days Angela had her own vision of what a salon should be, unlike many of the existing ones at the start of her career. Her passion, drive, and independence made her develop her own form of practice, and she became one of the first aestheticians to work with the super brands we know today, such as ‘Dermalogica’.

Following her interest in skin care, health, well-being and figure improvement she has undertaken numerous courses over the preceding years. The knowledge she acquired has lead to her developing her special skills for the result driven treatments she provides today. Continuous study has enabled her to continue to expand and refine her methods.

Without the corporate backing enjoyed by her main competitors, she has through hard work and dedication remained at the forefront of skin care and wellness treatments in central London, and expanded her knowledge and understanding over the years on both a professional and a personal level. From an early age she believed in the importance of healthy living. As a child she walked miles through the countryside to school rather than take the school bus. From the start she also cooked healthy options for her family, even though in Yorkshire in the 1970’s this was not usually the popular option and her opinions were considered somewhat eccentric.

Angela Taffinder’s interest in food intensified after developing food intolerances and life threatening allergies, which lead to her being in the care of an immunologist for several years. This time, however, proved to be an educational revelation as it developed a fund of knowledge, which she can now relate to symptoms arising in the skin and body issues of her clients today.

Her son aged 4 was diagnosed with ADHD, and being a single mum this proved the biggest challenge of all. She concentrated on taking the best care of her boy without the intervention of medication, whilst continuing her dedicated work with clients. Ensuring that her own health and well-being needs are met has always gone hand in hand with ensuring those of her clients, since she knows only too well what a huge impact such ailments can have on one’s day-to-day life. Achieving a healthy, vital physical balance leads also to a glowing complexion. One of the chief aims of Angela’s practice is to enable clients to understand that visible well-being starts from the inside out. This sometimes involves a change of life style, concentrating on cooking foods from fresh ingredients and doing plenty of exercise and self care, such as cycling, running, swimming, walking, yoga and meditation.

Her work over many years with some of the most experienced aestheticians and wellness practitioners has led to her having a unique insight into the synergy between the medical, aesthetic and alternative therapy aspects of most treatments. She tailors her treatments to each individual client’s needs, using either the latest technology available in her clinic, or the more personal touch of a hands-on approach. She specialises in advanced facial skincare treatments for people who want healthy skin, including those with problematic skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, eczema and sensitivity. She also works to minimise the signs of ageing by preventing early wrinkle formation, whilst in addition treating sun damage, pigmentation and other negative impacts on the skin’s health.

Angela Taffinder London Yoga Instructor

Body Wellness

Along with her exceptional skin care skills, Angela Taffinder has supported clients through their weight loss and figure improvement journey, de-stress and body wellness through her clinical work.

Unfortunately the tragic events of the covid-19 pandemic lead to Angela’s clinic into lockdown closure in March 2020 and concerns for her future, impacting the high levels of stress. With restrictions in place and unable to do as much outdoor exercise Angela focused on a deeper yoga and meditation practise and enrolled on online RYT 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

The combination of her deep understanding of the body and having practised yoga daily for decades as well as guided friends and family through practise; and of course having so much available time Angela completed the course along with Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, an Introduction to Ayurveda and further studies on these subjects by the time her clinic re opened in August 2020; and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Angela is currently in the process of the RYT 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course.

Having first hand experienced of the powerful benefits yoga and meditation provided during such challenging times to support her health physically and mentally has led Angela to create an online virtual vitality platform of guided practise and a go to support for better health.

Over many years of developing her work she has lost none of her enthusiasm or passion through her clinical and wellbeing work. She is pleased to share this next part of her journey with you through her online virtual platform.

What our customers say

Emporium has been my facial clinic for the past 15 years, I have tried many of their facial options. I recently had the Nlite Rejuvenation laser facial…

Amazing in reducing my open pores and wrinkles.

All the girls are lovely and the working environment is friendly.

Mel H

What our customers say

I visited the clinic last week for a deep cleanse facial and milia removal. The milia was rather large and had unfortunately become irritated, inflamed and sore. Angela was fantastic and I couldn’t believe how quickly she removed it. She made sure there was as little discomfort as possible, and talked me through everything she was doing. My skin felt wonderful after the facial also! 

I really appreciated Angela giving me advice prior to my appointment, and checking up on how my skin was healing after. 

Great personable service that I fully recommend.

Ryan W


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