Sameena Azam


Sameena is a London based consultant known as The Human Analyst™ focusing on analysing your health from the root causes and finding powerful transformational, natural solutions to longevity and helping you get back into alignment with mind, body and soul.

Her qualifications extend to include other complementary health such as Homeopathy, Living nutrition, Reiki / Seichem Healing (Master level) Crystal Therapy, Qigong, Tai chi & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), seated acupressure massage.

Sameena’ s extensive experience brings a tailor made service to individual health and has found through experience that if one therapy was beneficial to one person it may not necessarily be the same for another; and so created ways of combining the healing tools to meet individual personalised needs, something for everyone regardless of background and nature of illness.

Sameena’s healing journey learning and continuous training to understand the different techniques of getting to root causes of issues and using the various tools to find gentle, natural but powerful solutions, led her to West Africa. Sameena and her team conducted mobile clinics across the country to help people with free advice and treatments treating up to 1000 people a day. She was recognized for her work and was appointed CEO of the President’s charitable organization, helping sustainable projects in Agriculture, Health, Education, Women, and Youth empowerment. This experience changed her life forever. 

Sameena is passionate about changing lives whether it’s through the numerous healing therapy tools or sustainable projects in Africa. As The Human Analyst™, she strives to find natural, transformational, gentle but powerful solutions to helping people realign, rejuvenate, and become who they really are. Sameena combines her ‘tools’ according to the client’s needs, her unique ability and insight make each session an individualized experience.

‘I am dedicated, committed and enthusiastic about helping people to improve their lives. Combining my love of analysing, healing and coaching using my wisdom and experience to connect the mind, body and spirit, stimulating the power to heal within oneself.

My longevity toolbox includes: Homeopathy, Living Nutrition, Transformational Coaching, Reiki’/Seichem (master level), Crystal Therapy, Qigong, Tai chi, Seated Acupressure Massage, Guided Mindfulness and Sound Healing Meditation.

What our customers say

Some years ago, I was lost, mind, body & soul. I asked Spirit to guide me on my healing path & there I met Sameena. She truly helped me change my life for the better. She excels at all that she does from being a brilliant homeopath & reiki master to building clinics in the Gambia. She has attained mastery level as a multidimensional being, there is no limit to her power, love, kindness and wide range of healing arts.

S.Y Ibiza

What our customers say

I have been suffering with chronic headaches and migraine attacks for the past 10 years, no medicine helped via pharmacy!
Since Sameena prescribed me with homeopathic medication after a short consultation my symptoms reduced significantly. Thank you for your great help.

Z.I London

What our customers say

Sameena’s professional and empathetic approach has enabled us to consider the root cause of an ailment; her remedies have always been effective and positive. A session with Sameena is much needed therapy as it involves beneficial counselling and motivational coaching. It was for these reasons I asked Sameena to be my birthing partner, her presence brought calmness as she guided me through the birth and massaged my aching back throughout. I cannot thank Sameena enough for making such a difficult task so manageable. I highly recommend Sameena’s services.

T.A London

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