Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an ancient therapy that utilises the natural power of crystals and gemstones to improve health and wellbeing.

Crystal Healing is holistic, meaning that the treatment restores health and balance at all levels; emotional, physical and spiritual.

Appropriate healing crystals are selected and are placed on the chakras, energy centres, or around the body. The practitioner’s healing hands are placed in various positions on or just above your body to activate and support the natural self-healing process.

Are You A Suitable Candidate For Crystal Healing?

Please read the information below carefully to evaluate if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Please consult with your practitioner or GP if you are in any doubt.

A consultation is essential prior to taking this treatment.

A complimentary telephone consultation is available, which will enable your practitioner to assess your medical history, your concerns and your personal goals. We can then discuss the desired treatment/s options.


Pre Treatment

Your practitioner will ask you to complete a simple questionnaire and medical history to identify your wellness improvement goals.

There are no contra-indications or medical precautions.

More Crystal Healing FAQs

What will a Crystal Healing session involve?

To start we personalise your treatment room by offering you a choice of colours from our mood enhancement light therapy system. The chosen hues and colour tones help to express a specific mood environment to suit you, promote calm, relaxation, balance the nervous system, improve energy levels, to name but a few of the effects.

You remain fully clothed; then your practitioner will place crystals on or around your body so that you can receive energies while lying down relaxed. The practitioner will gently place her hands in various positions on or just above your body to balance your energy centres or chakras. You may feel a pleasant sensation of warmth, coolness, or tingling.

A healing treatment is usually very relaxing and can be an opportunity for emotional release, or you may simply fall asleep.

Why have a Crystal Healing treatment?

Benefits include

  • Releasing anxiety and stress
  • Eases mental tiredness
  • Increases levels of alertness & concentration
  • Soothes aches and pains
  • Eases digestive problems
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps with menstruation / menstrual conditions
  • Helps with skin conditions
  • Provides a sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity
  • Lifts feelings of depression, despondency, and desperation
  • Balances the Chakra energy

Does Crystal Healing hurt?


How many sessions do I need?

Depending on your concerns, state of being, and improvement goals, your practitioner will discuss with you if you need a course of regular sessions to achieve desired results.

How quickly will I see results?

You will feel immediately relaxed and revitalised. Everyone’s reaction is different and no two healing treatments are the same.

How long will Crystal Healing results last?

Following a single session you will feel more relaxed and energised for several days.

Generally there are far longer effect following a course of treatments, however this depends on factors such as how one cares for oneself post treatment, stress, work environment, exercise choices, nutrition, and lifestyle influences.


Any views or advice obtained via this website should not be taken as a substitute
for medical advice or treatment, especially if you are aware of, or suffer from, a specific health complaint.​

We recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP, as Crystal Healing and conventional medicine can be integrated when necessary to provide complementary services. Your GP will also be able to arrange any diagnostic procedures you may need, and provide emergency cover.

The information on this website is written WITHOUT PREJUDICE

After Care

Following treatment home care and remedial advice is provided, which forms part of your treatment plan.

This may include stretches, functional exercises, and health tips to be done at home, all of which can help restore wellness, strength, flexibility and awareness within tissues, joints, body and mind.

Advice For a greater sense of wellbeing

Drink at least 1 to 2 litres of water daily to support the body functions.
Chose a healthier eating plan best suited to you and your lifestyle.
Eat a balanced diet of foods you like each day.
Include a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins.
Include a variety of wholegrains, essential fats and minerals.
Add some herbs & spices to experience their powerful properties.
Avoid processed foods.
Take good quality health supplements to support your diet & lifestyle.
Aid your gut heath to support your brain health and other systems. 
Move more, take up regular exercise.
Include stretching into your exercise regime.
Do activities you enjoy.
Try ‘forest bathing’ (popular in Japan ‘shinrin-yoku’); reap the benefits
Take time out to relax.
Be mindful to be in the moment.
Try to practice Meditation, Yoga, Qigong or such like.
Take time out from digital devices.
Soak away muscle tension & stress in a hot mineral salt bath.
Infuse essential oils to promote calm & relaxation.
Avoid your digital devices several hours prior to sleeping.
Aim for 8 hours sleep each night.
Be positive, laugh & be happy.
Go easy on yourself.
Balance emotions.

Price & Practitioner

1 hr Session £120

Independent Practitioner: Sameena Azam





Some years ago, I was lost, mind, body & soul. I asked Spirit to guide me on my healing path & there I met Sameena. She truly helped me change my life for the better. She excels at all that she does from being a brilliant homeopath & reiki master to building clinics in the Gambia. She has attained mastery level as a multidimensional being, there is no limit to her power, love, kindness and wide range of healing arts. (S.Y Ibiza)

I have been suffering with chronic headaches and migraine attacks for the past 10 years, no medicine helped via pharmacy!
Since Sameena prescribed me with homeopathic medication after a short consultation my symptoms reduced significantly. Thank you for your great help. (Z.I London)

After being thoroughly disappointed with the limited treatments available via the NHS; I decided in 2005 to look into alternative remedies and found Sameena Azam, ever since I have not looked back and continue to visit whenever my family and I require a remedy.
Sameena’s professional and empathetic approach has enabled us to consider the root cause of an ailment; her remedies have always been effective and positive. A session with Sameena is much needed therapy as it involves beneficial counselling and motivational coaching. It was for these reasons I asked Sameena to be my birthing partner, her presence brought calmness as she guided me through the birth and massaged my aching back throughout. I cannot thank Sameena enough for making such a difficult task so manageable. I highly recommend Sameena’s services. (T.A London)

Sameena, no words can describe how better I am feeling these days since I started my treatment with you Alhamdulillah. I have been suffering from severe allergies for the past 25 years on and off. But now it’s all under control thanks to your expertise and care. So happy I have met you at the right time. Thank Sameena, keep the great work going.  (H.P  London)

I refer to Sameena as my naturopathic ‘doctor’, helping me with all my ailments. With her sympathetic caring nature, coupled with her vast knowledge, the consultations are very therapeutic and reassuring.

A huge thank you for getting my baby back on track and now leading a normal life after suffering from severe eczema, which hindered his progress. With Sameena’s help he’s now leading a normal happy childhood. (K.A Birmingham)

Sameena is a hardworking focused individual.  Her knowledge of homeopathy and healing are second to none. I have found her to be professional and her ability to tune into you is just amazing. I have left on every occasion after my treatments full of energy and hope. The feeling you have around her is of peace and tranquillity within yourself…just an amazing talented person.  (M.V, London)

I have found the homeopathic medication has really helped in balance my hormones, my skin has improved dramatically and where I have struggled to lose weight I have seen great improvement.
Thank you for all your help, amazing woman! (H.I London)

I feel very comfortable with Sameena and appreciate her time and sacrifice I really do feel she’s genuinely enthusiastic in helping her clients and she has a good reputation as an experienced homeopath (R.K Saudia Arabia)

“I have been a sceptic of Homeopathy – until I came across Sameena. Witnessing first hand results under Sameena’s care has been life changing. I have been pleasantly surprised with the positive results under her care, and her willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. Sameena is one of those very few Practitioners who are genuinely in the field to help others, and not make money”. (E.C London)

After suffering from Underactive Thyroid condition for six years, I was recommended to see a Homeopath for treatment as my symptoms increased due to side effects of taking Levothyroxine tablets. I was told by my GP to take the tablets for life which was very disturbing for me. Within a year I was back to being myself and in good health again. Homeopathic remedies made a big difference and I’m very grateful I am no longer on Levothyroxine medication and my thyroid level is now in balance. I also suffered serve hay fever from childhood, by taking homeopathic remedies I experience immediate relief and no longer suffer the harsh sneezing and itchy eyes.

Homeopathy is my first port of call for any condition, I know how fast acting and healing it can be, I also have a chance to voice all my concerns at my regular consultations. The homeopathic approach to health, along with vitamins and herbal supplement according to my needs, has made a big difference in my life.
I recommend Sameena to all my family and friends. Have a good homeopath is the key. Sameena has very deep knowledge and experience with homeopathy and she has been my homeopath for past 14 years. I would recommend Sameena Azam to anybody who wants to get better through homeopathy. (N.A London)

Re panic attacks…With the medication you have given me  it has calmed me down I don’t panic as much. For last month and half we (husband) just had one argument. So it’s working. A big thank you for your help. (H.B London)

After my 3rd child, my sciatica became so severe, I was not able to walk unaided. Thanks to homeopathy, I can walk my children to school and take my one year old child to the park, enjoying every moment. I now feel revitalised and full of energy (T.A London)

I could not wash my hands without having a reactions, my arms and my legs had huge dark patches that were itchy and watering, I had reoccurring boils all over my body and had basically give up when I came to Sameena and just under about a year I can function normally, I didn’t think I’d be so grateful to have soft hands. I’m not 100% but definitely on the road. I am a lot aware of myself and self-care I can see how quickly my body reacts to my environment and emotions. Homeopathy is a way of life that needs to be taught at a young age. (T.Q London)

…Through our life experiences we grow into different forms of beings no longer ourselves, as there is so much interaction between us and everything around us. We lose touch with the natural reasoning that can heal ourselves, thus our healing process. I feel having found homeopathy; I found myself and my body again. (H.B London)

What our customers say

In 4 months I went from severe fatigue and recurrent episodes of collapse to zero, yes zero episodes! Wei provides a holistic approach to healing, and has helped me to understand my body and its mechanics and functioning.

Zainab Z

What our customers say

Wei has been one of the best discoveries for my own health over the last few years. I see her ever 2 months for a preventive health check-in and know that these treatments have served great dividends. She is always full of so much advice, knowledge and wisdom.

Victoria Fuller

What our customers say

Wei is an amazing practitioner. She says she does shiatsu but in fact she is much more than that. She has magic hands and does many different modalities that is required to help your pain management. I have lived all around the world and been to many practitioners for my hip pain and posture and I can honestly say one session with Wei is like a dozen elsewhere. I was walking upright and without a limp after my first 2 hour session. She is so compassionate and truly loves what she does and I am so grateful that Lisa introduced me to you and can’t wait to see you in July.

Sonja Vodusek

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