Functional Laboratory Testing

Functional laboratory testing can be utilised to help to identify imbalances in the body, and enable our Nutritional Therapist to design a protocol specific to your needs and health issues. 

If appropriate, guidance on tests will be provided during your initial Nutritional therapy consultation. Any costs will be in addition to the consultation fee.

Results are used in conjunction with information collected during your consultation to determine diet and lifestyle suggestions, to fine-tune your nutritional programme, allowing more rapid and cost effective results.

It is also true that for some people, seeing an issue in the black and white of a test result can increase the motivation needed to make changes to diet & lifestyle and can enhance results.

Are You A Suitable Candidate?

Functional laboratory testing can be used to evaluate gut and hormonal issues, thyroid function, liver/kidney function, fasting blood sugar, Vitamin D levels, and other possible issues.

Testing typically involves stool, saliva, breath or urine samples. These tests can be done in the comfort of your own home. Blood tests generally require a trip to a clinic to provide the sample.

A range of private laboratories is used, based in both the UK and USA including, Biolab, Genova Diagnostics, Cyrex, Regenerus, Invivo Clinical, myDNAhealth, and Lorisian Laboratories.

If you are interested in discussing testing please do get in touch to decide which is best for you.


Pre Testing

For some tests you may have to avoid certain foods or taking certain supplements for a few days beforehand.

How quickly will I get the results?
Some test results are received in 7 days and some up to 3 weeks depending on the test and laboratory location. Some results will be required before starting on a programme. Others can be run during a programme.

Common Functional Laboratory Tests

Total Thyroid Screen
(Venous blood sample) -looking at the complete range of thyroid hormones TSH, T3, T4, Ft4, Ft3, FT4:Ft3 ratio, rT3, and TG and TPO antibodies

Comprehensive Adrenal Profile
(Saliva collection samples) – assessing levels of cortisol and DHEA and the impact they may be having on stress levels, health, weight, thyroid function, mood etc.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis- Gut Function Testing
(Stool sample/s) – analysis of gut bacteria -beneficial and pathogenic, parasites, yeasts; indications of inflammation, digestive capabilities, gut immunity, intestinal permeability.

Not only used to evaluate gastro intestinal symptoms, but to provide insight into sources of ongoing ‘silent’ inflammation which affects everything in the body. This can manifest such as: depression and anxiety, joint or back pain, autoimmune conditions, eczema and psoriasis, allergies, etc., as well as the primary symptoms of bloating, cramping, constipation, or diarrhoea.

Evaluates the gut microbiome-the bacteria that live in the gut, influencing health in numerous ways. Understanding the basic composition of the gut bacteria can help address dysbiosis (imbalance) through a personalised plan and programme.

Allows understanding of oestrogen metabolism and enzymes of digestion and absorption


SIBO test (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
(Timed breath samples) – assessing levels of methane and hydrogen in the breath to indicate presence of SIBO

Organic Acids Test
(Urine sample) – a comprehensive view of nutrient status and requirements, detoxification and methylation capability, energy production, gut dysbiosis and indications of yeast overgrowth.

Aids understanding in whether your body is getting and using the nutrients needed for optimal health and function, so guides your personalised plan and programme to restore your body to its intended balance.

Especially helpful in the evaluation of the causes of fatigue, GI issues, difficulty losing weight, hormone balance and mood issues.

DNA/genetic test
(Cheek swap sample) – looking at your genetic strengths and weaknesses, predisposition towards certain health conditions, genetic preference for certain foods and types of exercise

Vitamin D
(Finger prick blood sample) – this vital nutrient is important for immune function, bone strength, brain health, metabolism and weight regulation, mood and energy and yet many of us in the UK are low in it.

(Venous blood or finger prick blood sample) – homocysteine is a much more accurate marker for risk of cardiovascular disease than cholesterol. Elevated levels of homocysteine also predict Alzheimer’s and dementia, diabetes, and other chronic and inflammatory conditions; yet is rarely tested for within conventional medicine.

Other Functional Tests are available such as:

  • Menopause / Female Hormone Profile
  • Diabetes panels / Insulin Resistance
  • Vitamin and Mineral profiles
  • Anaemia panel
  • Fatty Acid Balance
  • Allergy/intolerance Testing – dairy, grain, gluten, other groups of foods and inhalants
  • Gluten Sensitivity –IgE coeliac disease screening, or gluten sensitivity
Price & Practitioner

Functional laboratory tests range from £125 – £350 inclusive of personal analysis. Final costs are dependent on the test selected.

The financial investment toward your present and long-term health will be well worth it!

Independent Practitioner:
Nicky Rapley





Functional medicine tests can provide a much clearer picture of the underlying causes for your symptoms, and therefore, allow resolution of previously difficult to address and treat problems. You will receive a comprehensive analysis of the laboratory test results from your nutritional therapist and supporting nutritional and lifestyle advice to help resolve any issues.

Complementary Treatments

Other treatments to compliment
Nutritional therapy together with Functional laboratory testing  enables you to have the highest understanding of the health in your body

Everyday life with all of its stressors through diet and lifestyle can lead to imbalance in the body manifesting as a myriad of symptoms, preventing and limiting us from leading the life we really want to lead.

By diving deeper using Functional laboratory testing and exploring the underlying causes for your symptoms, there lives the possibility to achieve great health and vitality, and have the power to prevent future illness and debilitation.

Let’s work together to find the source of any issues and an inspiring programme that fits your needs and lifestyle.


“Nicky was a pleasure to work with. The information and advice I gained was invaluable in understanding how to maintain a diet that sustains body and mind. She doesn’t just look at what you eat but at the imbalances in your life, factors impacting well-being and gives advice that you can take to create a more harmonious lifestyle.

Nicky’s supportive and nurturing approach was great at showing me what works best and making new habits, in order to create long-lasting changes.”

Alex, Wakefield

Re panic attacks…With the medication you have given me  it has calmed me down I don’t panic as much. For last month and half we (husband) just had one argument. So it’s working. A big thank you for your help.

H.B London



I’ve been struggling with my gut health for over 10 years and had seen many doctors who just laughed me out the door, claiming it was ‘just IBS’.

I went to see Nicky who really listened and cared about my health concerns.  I learnt more in that first session about my gut and nutrition than anything I’d read online!

She put me on the 12 week gut repair program and supported me every step of the way. It was clear and easy to follow, she even sent loads of delicious meal ideas and recipes I could use. Her encouraging bi weekly phone calls and emails were exactly what I’ve been needing and her knowledge and expertise were second to none.

It only took a couple of weeks before I really started feeling the difference, and I felt amazing at the end of the 12 weeks! Having been on the program, I’m now so much more equipped and knowledgeable, making better decisions in my day to day life, not only with my nutrition, but also with mindfulness, exercise and work.

I can’t thank Nicky enough for what she has done for me and I would recommend anyone struggling with any aspect of their life to see her, you will not regret it!

Stephanie Curtis, London

“I approached Nicky to help me with a long term digestive problem, energy dips during the day and stress management. After a very thorough interview she devised a 12 week programme for me to follow to tackle these issues, which I did. This was helped by regular follow up calls which kept me motivated and also helped solve any problems I was having with following the various regimes. I liked her holistic view of my situation, making changes across a range of my activities, which felt more sustainable than simply trying to reduce symptoms.

I noticed a marked improvement across the areas that I was concerned about whilst working together and have remained motivated to continue the changes that Nicky helped me put in place. “

Alwyn, London.

What our customers say

Nicky was a pleasure to work with. The information and advice I gained was invaluable in understanding how to maintain a diet that sustains body and mind. She doesn’t just look at what you eat but at the imbalances in your life, factors impacting well-being and gives advice that you can take to create a more harmonious lifestyle.

Nicky’s supportive and nurturing approach was great at showing me what works best and making new habits, in order to create long-lasting changes.

Alex, Wakefield

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