Pelvic Correction

Pelvic Correction is a hands-on treatment provided by a body work professional that will use a practice such as Alexander Barrie System MRSS, RCST, ABSPC of Pelvic Correction to correct the alignment of the human body.

Specific techniques are applied to achieve the correction and alignment of the pelvis to provide effective and immediate pain relief whereby patients experience and benefits can generally be seen after one treatment.

Pelvic Correction will work to strengthen and balance the base of your spine, allowing the core muscles used for stability, such as your pelvic floor, hips and thighs to be activated anew and contribute to an improved proper posture.

Are You A Suitable Candidate?

Please read the information below carefully to evaluate if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Please consult with your practitioner or GP if you are in any doubt.

A consultation is essential prior to taking this treatment.

A complimentary telephone consultation is available, which will enable your practitioner to assess your medical history, your concerns and your personal goals. We can then discuss the desired treatment/s options.

Pre Treatment

A consultation is essential prior to taking any Pelvic correction treatment.

Pelvic Correction treatment involves taking a detailed case of your past, present, medical, and family history, including your current emotional state. You will be asked to complete a patient questionnaire and to note any medication or supplements that you are currently taking. Individual recommendations will be given if appropriate, based on TCM principles.

Contra-indications or Medical Precautions

There are few contraindications as indicated below, however if you are in any doubt, please contact the practitioner to discuss your concerns.

Avoid treatment if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Infectious disease
  • Suffering from any acute, feverish illness
  • Internal bleeding or blood clots
  • Had a major operation during the last 3 months
  • Any condition that has been diagnosed by a doctor

It is not recommended to undergo any Pelvic Correction treatment if patient is predisposed to suffer from any psychosis or similar psychological conditions.

Note: Pregnant Women and children CAN have this treatment.

More FAQs

What will the session involve?

Your practitioner will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire, including your medical and family history. You will be asked to list any medications or supplements that you may currently be taking.

A confidential, in-depth consultation follows, from which all your aspects of your health, including past medical history, diet, lifestyle, personality type, current health problems and emotional concerns.

The initial consultations along with treatment can take up to 90-120 minutes, whilst follow up appointments are generally shorter.

To start your treatment your room is personalised by offering you a choice of colour hues, scents and sounds, all of which help to express a specific mood environment to suit you; promote calm, relaxation, balance the nervous system, and improve energy levels.

You may remain fully or partially clothed and can receive the Pelvic Correction treatment while lying down and relaxed.

Your practitioner will gently place hands in various positions on your body followed by specific Pelvic Correction techniques. You may feel a sensation of warmth, a dull ache or tingling once the gentle pressure makes contact with the skin.

During your treatment your trained Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, will most likely incorporate other holistic modalities.

These other holistic modalities will be used alongside the Pelvic Correction where most suited, each work fundamentally by working with each person on an individual basis.

A healing treatment is usually very relaxing and can be an opportunity for emotional release, or you may simply fall asleep.

The other treatment modalities may include:

Pelvic correction

Your practitioner from ‘Wei Wu Aligned Wellness’ has developed a program which crucially incorporates the correction and alignment of the pelvis to provide effective and immediate pain relief whereby patients experience and benefits can be seen after one treatment.

Your practitioner practices The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction to correct the alignment of the human body, and has trained directly under the personal supervision of the founder Alexander Barrie MRSS, RCST, ABSPC.

Origin Point Medicine

Origin Point Medicine (also known as OPM or Yuan Shidian Medicine) is a further development of TCM. It took Chinese physicians some 1,500 years to fully develop the Ashi Points discipline to being recognised as one of the most important milestones in recent Medical history.

It simplifies meridians and acupuncture points, OPM has found all the major trigger points in our body creating such a powerful effective therapy for treating many illnesses such incurable diseases such as cancers, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, incontinence, and numerous others. Origin Point Medicine’s principles & techniques are focused on boosting our body’s self-healing capabilities.

Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu Therapy is a form of Traditional Japanese Massage spanning thousands of years.
It is a beautiful ancient art of healing from which it originated indirectly from Acupuncture the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Shiatsu incorporates the advanced 21st century knowledge of human physiology.

Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, in practice, the therapist carefully applies touch with a comfortable pressure to specific areas of the body and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structures and to re-balance its energy flow to which the whole body responds.

This modality of Wellness Therapy is a powerful system of energy healing recognised by many cultures all over the world for centuries to restore harmony of the whole body.

It has beneficial calming, relaxing affects, promoting physical and emotional balance and a very popular alternative approach to treat pain and injuries, general symptoms of debility and poor health, regulate the body systems, manage stress and nervous related issues, and enhance overall wellness.

Bespoke Holistic Medicine Treatment

Your practitioner may incorporate a combination of the above listed treatment modalities.

Creating a customised treatment to suit you and your health care needs whether it is an introduction to wellness, specific concerns such as pain relief or to regulate a specific system such as the nervous system, or simply to relax.

Whether you use all of these wellness therapy modalities or, on Shiatsu Therapy alone, each work fundamentally by working with each person on an individual basis.

All treatments are uniquely put together to suit the individual needs using traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

Why have Pelvic Correction treatment?

Pelvic correction is suitable for adults, (including pregnant women) and children.

Pelvic Correction is safe and gentle and can help with most conditions.

Conditions is Shiatsu used for:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hip problems
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headache
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Infertility
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Tiredness, exhaustion
  • Recovery from injuries
  • Stress
  • Arthritis pain
  • Poor digestion
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Emotions such as grief
  • A general feeling of wellbeing

Does it hurt?

A well-developed treatment procedure will minimise any discomfort clients may experience during the treatment. The utmost care is taken to make it as comfortable as possible. Your practitioner will only apply the amount of pressure and extent of manipulation that allows you to stay relaxed and enjoy the treatment.

Clients start to feel the relaxation of their body and relief from pain during and long after treatment.

How will I feel after my treatment?

Generally, clients will feel deeply relaxed, with a sense of well-being and calmness post treatment; and it may also leave you feeling intensely alive and energised.

A healing treatment can be an opportunity for emotional release of long suppressed feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, grief or joy; which is perfectly normal and it is good to allow yourself time to experience, rather than suppressing these emotions.

How many sessions do I need?

If the client’s condition is serious or long-standing, the energy regulation and flow will have become accustomed to being out of sync and therefore may take longer to repair and heal. However, some clients experience improvement is very rapid.

Depending on your state of being and improvement goals, your practitioner will discuss with you if you need a course of regular sessions to achieve desired results.

A general guide to a wellness plan would include a course of 6-10 treatments taken once per week to ensure the greatest benefit. Your practitioner would expect you to notice some changes from the first treatment with a considerable improvement instantly and progressive after each session.

How quickly will I see results?

You will immediately feel relaxed and rebalanced. Your practitioner would expect you to notice some changes from the first treatment with a considerable improvement by the sixth.

Everyone’s reaction is different and no two healing treatments are the same.

How long will results last?

Following a single session, any pain you were experiencing will be reduced, you will feel more relaxed, and rebalanced for several days. There are far more long-term effects following a course of treatments. However, this depends on many factors such as how one cares for oneself post treatment, stress, work environment, exercise choices, nutrition and lifestyle influences.


Any views or advice obtained via this website should not be taken as a substitutefor medical advice or treatment, especially if you are aware of, or suffer from, a specific health complaint.​​

We recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP as Shiatsu Therapy and conventional medicine can be integrated when necessary to provide complementary services.

Your GP will also be able to arrange any diagnostic procedures you may need, and provide emergency cover.

The information on this website is written WITHOUT PREJUDICE

After Care

Following treatment, home care and remedial advice is provided which forms part of your treatment plan.

This may include health tips to be done at home, all of which can help restore wellness, strength and awareness within tissues, joints, body and mind.

Can I exercise after treatment?

Yes, but strenuous exercise may negate the relaxed state you have achieved after treatment. It is best to enjoy that relaxation for a few hours more if possible.

Can I drive after treatment?


Do I need to rest after my treatment?

Not necessarily, but if you are able to keep the rest of your day relatively stress-free that will increase the effects and benefits of your treatment.

Advice For a greater sense of wellbeing

Balance emotions
Drink at least 1 to 2 litres of water daily to support the body functions.
Chose a healthier eating plan best suited to you and your lifestyle.
Eat a balanced diet of foods you like each day.
Include a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins.
Also include a variety of wholegrains, essential fats and minerals.
Add some herbs & spices to experience their powerful properties.
Avoid processed foods.
Take good quality health supplements to support your diet & lifestyle.
Aid your gut heath to support your brain health and other systems.
Move more, take up regular exercise.
Include stretching into your exercise regime.
Do activities you enjoy.
Try ‘forest bathing’ (popular in Japan ‘shinrin-yoku’); reap the benefits
Take time out to relax.
Be mindful to be in the moment.
Try to practice Meditation, Yoga, Qigong or such like.
Take time out from digital devices.
Soak away muscle tension & stress in a hot mineral salt bath.
Infuse essential oils to promote calm & relaxation.
Avoid your digital devices several hours prior to sleeping.
Aim for 8 hours sleep each night.
Be positive, laugh & be happy.
Go easy on yourself.

Price & Practitioner

First Consultation & Treatment: £320

2 hrs Full Treatment (consultation, full body work, whole body alignment, low intensity laser treatment) 

Follow Treatment Option 1: £280  

1.5 hrs Treatment (body work, whole body alignment, low intensity laser light treatment) 

Follow Treatment Option 2: £220 

1 hr Treatment (body work, whole body alignment, low intensity laser light treatment) 

Follow Treatment Option 3: £180    

1.5 hrs Treatment (body work treatment, no laser light) 

Follow Treatment Option 4: £150 

1 hr Treatment (body work treatment – no laser light)

Independent Practitioner: Wei Wu Wellness




What our customers say

A good friend of mine introduced me to see Wei about my long term disease which the Western Dr has no ideas how to treat it+ only ask me to manage . Wei has transformed my views and helped me with my pain and overall well being. If you are open-minded, and willing to try and follow through, you will see the results.

Bowen Li

What our customers say

I had a trapped nerve for 28 days. Due to pain, no sleep at night, and much weight loss. While I was offered stronger and stronger medication, I went to see Wei, and it was sorted. Thank you Wei

Edmund Barnes

What our customers say

it’s difficult to put into words to convey how insightful and empowering Wei’s sessions are. I believe Wei is a truly gifted and very knowledgeable practitioner, who has made a massive positive difference to my family’s health. Natasha Richardson

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