Laser Skin Treatments

Nlite laser and IPL treatments are deal for all skin types and ethnic origins up to skin type 4.

These treatments can be suitable for the Face, Neck, Chest and Back.

The selected laser treatment modalty produces outstanding results for many common skin ailments such active acne, oily skin, acne scars.            

Excellent results are achieved in repairing signs of damaged skin such as sun-damage, fine lines, wrinkles, sensitive skin, skin redness, dry skin, rosacea and uneven skin tone.

Vascular lesions and warts can also be treated.

A Laser consultation is essential, prior to taking any of the laser treatments. A brief telephone consultation will enable us to asses that you are eligible for a full consultation and a test patch.

Nlite Acne Healing

Nlite Vein Reduction

Nlite Wrinkle Repair

Nlite Wart Removal

Nlite Rosacea Healing

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

What our customers say

Angela is simply the best. I’ve been one of her clients for nearly 7 years and I can’t recommend her more highly. She has tailor made me a bespoke milia removal/ face rejuvenation treatment and I wouldn’t be without it! She has so much experience and knowledge and never fails to work her magic. Her treatments are so much more than your bog standard facial, she knows exactly what your skin needs and explains everything along the way. I promise you won’t find any one better.


What our customers say

Angela has been caring for my skin for the last 25 years. Her treatments are bespoke, addressing whatever is currently going on with my skin. I have a monthly triple treatment which seems to be exactly what my skin needs at the moment. During lockdown, my skin missed her amazing treatments & careful attention.


What our customers say

I went in having let my milia run riot during lockdown and I was super impressed to leave the treatment not only without a mark but with totally revived skin after the facial. I also love that there is no “paint by numbers” approach to the treatment, you feel that you’re getting an experience tailored to your skin’s needs. I have and would continue to recommend.


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