Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing is a temporary hair removal method using either ‘Strip Wax’ or ‘Hot Wax’ to epilate the hair from the follicle.

Strip Wax method is ideal for larger areas such as legs and arms.
Hot Wax method is for smaller areas such as the bikini/buttock areas.

Are You A Suitable Candidate?

Please read the information below carefully to evaluate if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Please consult with your practitioner or GP if you are in any doubt.

A consultation is essential prior to taking this treatment.

A complimentary telephone consultation is available, which will enable your practitioner to assess your medical history, your concerns and your personal goals. We can then discuss the desired treatment/s options.

Pre Treatment

Some of the conditions listed below may only be relevant if treating in the same area.
If in doubt check with your practitioner or with your GP.

Thrombosis or Phlebitis
Influenza or Systemic Disease
Acute Bacterial or Viral Infection
Rheumatoid Arthritis or other Acute Inflammatory Conditions
Increased Blood Pressure
Allergies to Wax
Lice: Head, body, Public Area
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) / Genital Warts / Herpes

Consult your GP before having this treatment
Any Unknown Pain

Psoriasis / Eczema / Dermatitis
Skin Disease /  Disorders
Herpes Simplex – Cold Sores
Hyper Sensitive Skin
Vaicose veins / Moles / Unhealed Wounds / Stitches
Sunburn / Burns / Cuts / Sunburn / Abrasions / Bruising
Self Tan (Can become patchy)

If you’ve had any of the following we advise to wait:

Plasma Skin Corrector – 12 weeks
Cosmelan Skin Peel – 12 weeks
Green Peel Classic – 12 weeks
3D SkinMed Radio Frequency – 4 weeks
HIFU Face Lift – 4 weeks
Acid Skin Peels – 1 week
Micro-dermabrasion – 1 weeks
Green Peel Energy / Fresh Up 1 -2 weeks
Micro-Needle Dermaroller or M-Pen Micro-Needling – 1 week
CACI Face Lift 1 week
Waxing, Threading,Hair Bleach – 4 weeks
IPL or Laser Hair Removal – 4 weeks (waxing will re-stimulate the hair growth post laser)

To Improve Treatment Results:

Mineral Salt Body Scrub Treatment will lift dry, dead skin which provides an excellent pre wax treatment and smoother results.

Or use a body exfoliating product and mitt at home along with a hydrating body lotion.

Jojoba oil is known to be the nearest to your natural body oil which can prevent ingrown hairs if applied daily after an exfoliation.

Advised to avoid prior to the treatment:

  • Alcohol – 24 hours
  • Smoking Cigarettes – 2 hours
  • Coffee – 2 hours
More FAQs

What will the treatment involve?

Your medical practitioner will complete a thorough consultation.
The area to be treated is prepared with a specific skin cleanse.
Strip Wax involves applying a thin layer of wax to the unwanted hair followed by a paper strip, which is then removed quickly lifting the hairs from the root.
Hot Wax involves applying a thick layer of hot wax to the unwanted hair, which is then removed quickly lifting the hairs from the root.
Each method is complete with the application of a soothing after-wax lotion.
Removing hair from the bikini/buttock areas can be a very intimidating experience but our expert wax therapists will ensure you feel comfortable.

Why have the procedure?

  • Waxing is known for being a quick, affective hair removal procedure.
  • Provides instant hair free results.

Does it hurt?

Generally this procedure does not hurt. However each individual has varied pain threshold to the hairs being removed. Care is taken to make it as comfortable as possible.

How many treatments do I need?

A Single treatment will achieve the hair free affect.

How quickly will I see the results?

The results are achieved instantly.

How long will the results last?

The results will last approximately 4-6 weeks.

After Care

Apply 100% aloe vera gel to sooth if required.
Avoid any exposure to a sauna, hot tub or tanning for up to 24 hours.
Avoid perfumed products on the area treated for 24 hours.
Avoid swimming for 24 hours.
Ideally leave 4 weeks in between waxing treatments as the skin can become over sensitive.

Price & Practitioner
Upper Lip/Chin/Eyebrows/Under Arms/Small Bikini
(15 – 20 mins) £22.00 (each area)
1/2 Leg, Full Arms, Buttocks, Back, G String Bikini
(20 – 30 mins) £32.00 (each area)
Full Leg, Brazillian
(40 – 60 mins) £52.00 (each area)
Independant Practitioners – by requested appointment only

What our customers say

I highly recommend the laser hair removal for everyone. It has been the best investment I could have done for myself. The results are visible from the very first session, the treatment itself is not painful at all, the price is super decent and Kavita, is just a sweetheart. I did full body laser hair removal and I am almost at the end of my sessions.There is almost no hair left. I can not imagine struggling ever with monthly waxing.Don’t think twice! Just do it!

What our customers say

 If you are looking to start your Laser Hair Removal journey at a clinic that provides you with reliable and effective treatments, then look no further. My experience with The Clinical Affair was above and beyond. Kavita and the team are fantastic and all the staff have an in-depth knowledge on the procedure. During my initial consultation the Therapist was very knowledgeable about laser treatments and I felt confident to start my full body laser journey as I was well informed about the entire process. The Laser Treatment was exceptional and painless. Even after just two treatments I could see a big difference where the hair is not coming back as it used to. Booking appointments was easy as they are very accommodating and the clinic is in an amazing location - less than 10 minutes walk from Selfridges. Honestly one of the best experiences - I have recommended it to all of my friends. Thank you to all the team, can’t wait to see you soon…

What our customers say

From the phone consultation to the treatment room, I felt very welcomed. During my consultation everything was explained to me in detail and I felt confident starting my laser journey. Everyone at the clinic is really nice so I felt really comfortable throughout the entire process…would not go anywhere else!

What our customers say

Since I started my laser treatments here I have not only seen clear results but I was surprised that the general appearance of my skin has improved. They have the latest laser machine and it’s painless. The staff were very thorough and professional, which made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend!

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