Emporium Treatment Clinic (thereafter the “Clinic”) is doing all it can to minimise the risk of Coronavirus (Covid-19) cross infection. The Clinic has taken extensive measures to ensure the optimum safety of its Clients and Practitioners. The Clinic is following the advice from Government and UK trade bodies for our industry in order to provide the safest possible ‘infection control/prevention’ environment when you come to the Clinic.

Set out below is a list of important changes to the way the Clinic will operate going forward and those precautionary measures it has implemented for you to be aware of prior to returning to the Clinic. Your awareness and support to these changes is paramount to ensure we successfully avoid any cross-infection.

1. In the unfortunate event of any of the Clinic staff showing symptoms of COVlD-19, such members of staff will self-isolate immediately and therefore will be unable to honour your appointment with such Clinic staff at the Clinic at short notice. Should your appointment have to be cancelled the Clinic will offer you an alternative appointment. The Clinic apologises in advance for the inconvenience this may cause, however the safety of all is paramount.

2. You will be sent an SMS 24 hours prior to your appointment at the Clinic to check whether you or anybody in your household or anyone you have been in contact with feel ill or is displaying or has displayed any symptoms of COVlD-19 within the past 14 days. If the answer is yes you will be asked to contact the Clinic urgently to rearrange the appointment.

It is imperative in such circumstances that you DO NOT come to the Clinic for your appointment. The Clinic reserves the right to carry out a temperature reading on its clients upon entry to the Clinic. Should you show signs of being unwell you will be asked to leave. Even if you are convinced that the symptoms that you are exhibiting are simply signs of a common cold, the Clinic requests that you do NOT visit the Clinic; it is everyone’s duty to protect each other.

You will not be charged for any appointment which you miss due to illness or if you have been turned away by the Clinic staff. Deposits/booking fees can be rescheduled but cannot be refunded.

3. Should the Clinic require any paperwork or consent forms to be completed, these will be emailed to you beforehand to ensure the Clinic can see you promptly and so that, when you come into the Clinic, the Clinic staff can simply check the completed form before obtaining your signature.

1. It is imperative that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time and arrive alone to enable the preservation of social distancing at the Clinic. If the Clinic is busy you may be asked to wait outside to maintain distance and for your safety.

2. Please attend appointments ALONE to ensure one-to-one practice.

3. When you arrive at the entrance of the Clinic, press the doorbell name of your practitioner who will let you in. If there is another client at the door then please be patient and wait until such other client is allowed in before you call your practitioner; DO NOT ENTER unless your presence has been acknowledged by your practitioner.

4. The Clinic premises have designated waiting zones marked where the Clinic kindly requests that you wait for your practitioner to come to greet you.

5. The Clinic premises encompass some very narrow areas and therefore you may be asked to wear a mask, avoid walking around the Clinic unnecessarily and allow people enough room to pass you by without infringing social distancing rules.

6. The Clinic’s sole bathroom will be cleaned and checked regularly. Should you need to use it please ensure you leave it in the state you found it in consideration to others.

7. The Clinic may elect to take your temperature on arrival at the Clinic. If you have a temperature above 38C or any symptoms like a cough or sore throat you will be requested to reschedule your appointment.

8. Please be aware that the Clinic staff will not shake your hand; and please sterilise/wash your hands as soon as you enter the Clinic. Hand sanitiser will be on the reception desk directly as you enter; hand wash and disposable towels will be provided in the bathroom and treatment rooms.

1. The Clinic will endeavour to ensure that all surfaces in the treatment rooms and the door handles are disinfected and cleaned between clients to ensure a sterile room greets you.

2. The Clinic staff will wash its hands in according with NHS recommendations before the start of your treatment or wear new gloves for each client to avoid cross infection.

3. Full PPE (personal protective equipment) will also be worn; gloves, face mask and apron.

4. Equipment and tools will be disinfected or sterilised in line with the manufacturer’s specific instructions.

5. To prevent cross infection the Clinic will utilise environmentally friendly, single use items during your treatment where at all possible which will be disposed of safely after use.

6. All disposable items are disposed of in separate clinical waste bins.

7. The Clinic will utilise clean uniforms, linens and clinical items. The laundering of these items will be washed at 60C.

8. The Clinic may request that you wear a facemask when you visit the Clinic and during your treatment if appropriate.

9. The Clinic’s aim is to make your treatment as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Please do not hesitate to let the Clinic know if you have any concerns and the Clinic will do its upmost to help.

1. To avoid handling cash the Clinic prefers if you could make payments via a bank card or bank transfer.

2. After your appointment if you do develop symptoms of Covid-19 after visiting the Clinic do let us know immediately to enable us to inform staff and clients. Likewise if staff or clients report such symptoms after your appointment, the Clinic will inform you as soon as it becomes aware of such report.

The procedures outlined above have been implemented to ensure your safety and that of the Clinic staff. The Clinic will continue to take advice from the Government and the NHS regarding safe practice and will amend them as necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Angela Taffinder
Clinic Manager

Emporium Treatment Clinic
90 York Street
London W1H 1QU

020 3971 0665