Viridian Launches New Vitamin D3 Spray

Dec 23, 2022 | Nutrition

Vitamin D3 Spray is a unique, great tasting way to get a high potency dose of vitamin D3. Formulated by Viridian Nutrition to provide an optimal dose, 2 sprays daily provide a 2000IU dose of vitamin D3.

The spray is absorbed sublingually, making it ideal for those looking for a pill-free way to increase their intake of this essential nutrient.

As well as being high potency and great tasting, the all-natural Vitamin D spray contains no artificial preservatives, flavours or additives.

The latest innovation brings Viridian’s vegan Vitamin D range to span across 7 supplements in capsules and liquid format.

Aimée Benbow, Viridian’s head nutritionist, said: “Vitamin D is an essential nutrient and a key supplement for winter immunity. Our research shows there is increased demand for easy-to-take vitamin D3 supplements. This exciting high potency Vitamin D3 Spray provides 2000IU in just 2 sprays and has a great tasting natural orange flavour, making it convenient to take.”

Whereas most vitamin D3 supplements on the market are derived from the lanolin in sheep’s wool, Viridian’s Vitamin D3 spray is suitable for vegans and provides vitamin D in a plant-based form derived from lichen.

Formulated by qualified nutritionists and ethically sourced, each bottle contains 20ml, equivalent to 70 doses. The vitamin D in this supplement is preserved in MCT oil from coconuts, and includes no artificial additives or preservatives.

Aimée, goes on to explain further: “Capsules and liquids allow flexibility in meeting individual or family needs for adults and children alike. We also offer organic vitamin D, and vitamin D3 available in different potencies from 400IU to 2000IU.

“With vitamin D being a crucial daily supplement for our health, we wanted to ensure there’s a vitamin D supplement for everyone.”

Like all Viridian supplements, the Vitamin D Spray is nutritionist formulated with 100% active ingredients. Ingredients are sustainably sourced, non-GMO, palm-oil free and non-animal tested.

Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Public Health England and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence advise taking 10 micrograms or 400IU of vitamin D daily for healthy bones and muscles.

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Author: Viridian Nutrition


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