Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Jan 26, 2023 | Health

January Is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women globally.  The cervix is part of the female reproductive system and is located in the lower part of the womb, or ‘neck’ of the womb.  Cervical cancer occurs when cells of the lining of the cervix grow in an uncontrolled manner.

Why have a Cervical Smear Test?
Many women are guilty of relegating their cervical smear invitation letters to the ‘things to do folder’ or even worse, ‘the bin’.
It’s common knowledge that many women find going for smears difficult, but remember, the earlier any changes in the cells of the cervix are found, the easier these changes are to treat before they become cancerous.

‘2Me Clinic’, a female health clinic, is all about the prevention. They highly recommend that you should be aware of the symptoms of cervical cancer.

Know The symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

  • Vaginal bleeding that is unusual for you
  • Changes to vaginal discharge
  • Pain or discomfort during sex
  • Pain in your lower back or pelvis

The Cervical Smear
A Cervical Smear Test is usually a quick, simple, health check procedure, safeguarding you against cervical cancer.  A plastic sterile ‘vagina-shaped’ device is inserted into the vagina.  Once inside, the speculum is opened up to reveal the cervix (or ‘neck of the womb’).  Once the cervix is located, a small brush is used to gently sweep the cervix in order to collect a sample of cells from the surface.  The sample is then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

HPV stands for Human papilloma virus.  It is a type of virus that can be picked up through any skin-to-skin contact.  It’s actually very common.  There are different types, or ‘strains’, of HPV: high risk strains that can cause cancers such as cervical cancer, and low risk strains that cause less serious conditions such as genital warts.  If high risk HPV comes into contact with the cells of the cervix, it can cause these cells to undergo changes.  These changes are called ‘dyskaryosis’.  It’s important to remember that cell changes, or ‘dyskaryosis’, is not cervical cancer and does not mean that you will develop cervical cancer. Cervical screening is designed to pick up any cell changes early, and to deal with them before problems develop. If cell changes are found, they are graded according to how abnormal the changes are. Some cell changes will require treatment, whilst some may just require monitoring.

For More Cervical Cancer Information
visit Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust online: www.jostrust.org.uk/information/cervical-screening

2Me Clinic is a Private General Practice that focuses on female health issues. These include cervical smear testing, menstrual problems, pelvic pain, sexual health, contraception, bladder care and infections, fertility, antenatal and postnatal care, breast health, acne, and genital problems. They believe in caring for the whole person and not just your girly bits, and therefore work as a team in collaboration with a Psychotherapist, Nutritionist and team.

Dr Uchenna Amaechi and Dr Anne Gauthey-Sebert are dedicated, committed and enthusiastic General Practitioners and the cofounders of 2Me Clinic.  2Me Clinic is a safe hub, designed around female healthcare needs.  They provide quick and easy, ‘wherever you are’ access to an experienced doctor, and give you the time to explore your health priorities.  They educate and empower for self-care.

Testimonial by Angela Taffinder
‘Having had the most horrific experience relating to a female health medical procedure in the past, I do not have words to express my anxiety about having a cervical smear test. In fact, I admit that I was so nervous that I had not undertaken the procedure for almost 7 years.

The two doctors at 2Me Clinic were deeply concerned about this and persuaded me to do so immediately. Both doctors helped me through the process with remarkable care and compassion. The entire procedure was completed in less than 5 minutes, with NO discomfort. The results were back within a few days, and luckily for me they were negative. I will always schedule in a regular consultation according to their guidelines. I am so grateful for their care and I truly recommend them.’

You can always book a free 10 min chat with one of the 2Me Clinic doctors if you have any concerns or queries!

Book a cervical screening (smear) test appointment before the end of February 2023 and get 20% off. This includes the test and a 20 minutes consultation with a doctor.

Trusted Research Sources

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust online:

Author: Dr Uchenna Amaechi – 2Me Clinic

‘2Me Clinic – our in-house women’s health experts’
Angela Taffinder – Emporium Treatment Clinic

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