Is Daily Exfoliation Safe For The Skin?

Feb 8, 2023 | Skin Care

Often in clinic I am asked by clients if it is safe to exfoliate the skin every day.

It is absolutely safe, providing you use a specific exfoliate type created and formulated to use daily, and of course that will suit your skin condition.

First, please read the full article on why it is beneficial to incorporate the exfoliation process into your skin care regime and when it is best applied; Skin Exfoliation Explained. Plus, the full article ‘Exfoliate Types Explained’ for an overview of the types of exfoliating products available and precautions to be taken.

Now let’s look at the safety aspect of skin exfoliation.

Safe exfoliation will assist in the removal of the surface dead skin cells, and accelerate the renewal of new, healthier skin cells.

Monitored, regular exfoliation will reduce the build-up of dead skin cells to help unclog pores, promote a clearer, smoother, brighter, more even skin tone, and reduce the signs of ageing.

Over exfoliation can result in dry, flaky skin, cause redness, irritation, even inflammation, with thinning of the skin surface, thus making the skin vulnerable to environmental invaders such as pollutants and bacteria. It can be seriously detrimental to skin health.

Safety Is Paramount

  1. Seek a professional skin expert’s advice.
  2. Complete a skin analysis to ascertain your skin condition.
  3. Use an exfoliate compatible with your skin condition.
  4. Follow the guidelines of when to use the exfoliate.
  5. Follow the instructions on how to use the exfoliate.
  6. Check for chemical ingredients in all of your homecare products.
  7. Take care not to multiple exfoliate.
  8. Never rub or scrub the exfoliate over the skin.
  9. Avoid coarse grain types if your skin is sensitive, suffers from acne, or is prone to dilated capillaries.
  10. Avoid tools if you have a sensitive skin, active acne, or is prone to dilated capillaries.


Exfoliate Procedures – Face

Always prepare the skin for the application of the exfoliate by completing the ‘double cleanse process’. Read the full article ‘Why Cleansing Your Skin Is Essential’.

The grain exfoliate types are generally applied to the skin, then rinsed off with water.

Follow these steps:

  1. After the double cleanse process, wet your face with lukewarm water, then with your fingertips apply the exfoliate according to its specific application guidelines.
  2. Use gentle circular motions to disperse the exfoliate over the entire area of the face and neck.
  3. Exfoliate the skin with this motion from between 30 seconds to two minutes for optimal exfoliation.
  4. Splash off the exfoliate product thoroughly with lukewarm water, following the specific removal guidelines.
  5. A clean, soft, washcloth, mesh or sponge can be used if preferred. However, take care that they do not irritate your skin.
  6. Rinse off the exfoliate thoroughly, especially down the sides of the face by the hair line and ears, to avoid an accumulation of product or dirt etc being dispersed and left here.
  7. Use a light pressure at all times.
  8. Do not rub or scrub the skin to avoid
  9. Gently pat skin dry with a soft clean towel.
  10. After exfoliating, apply a hydrating, calming; mask, serum or moisturiser. Always apply SPF during the daytime.

The Chemical / Enzyme mask exfoliate types are generally applied to the skin as a mask, left on for a specific amount of time, then rinsed off with water.
Follow the steps above replacing step 3.

  1. Leave the exfoliate on the skin according to the manufacturer’s instructions, for optimal exfoliation.

The Chemical serum, cream exfoliate types are so diverse and are generally applied to the skin and not removed. It is important to follow the specific product manufacturer’s guidelines. Remember to double check the ingredients so that you are not multi exfoliating your skin.

Exfoliate Procedures – Body
Body exfoliates are generally the grain or bead exfoliate types applied to the skin, then rinsed off with water in the shower. Buffing cloths are also very popular. Take care to allow the product or cloth to do the exfoliating and not your rubbing. Use a light pressure. The skin will show a slight erythema. If your skin becomes too pink in colour, it’s too much pressure applied for too long.

A Word On Water
Hard water from your tap may affect your skin health.
Learn more, click to read the full article:
‘A Word On Water. How It Affects The skin’


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Author: Angela Taffinder the founder of Emporium Treatment Clinic. A practising Aesthetician for 35+ years, holistic and wellbeing advocate and yoga instructor.

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