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Jun 7, 2023 | Blog, Health, Skin Care

Smiling in humans is universal. It is one of the most recognisable expressions of emotion. Smiling is an unconscious way to communicate a range of emotions, from joy to embarrassment even amusement.

Why Do We Smile?
The root of smiling is traced back to primitive humans.

It is believed that early humans used smiles to show their happiness and gratitude when they made beneficial connections with others.

Early humans used smiles to display non-threatening behaviour, indicating that they had no aggressive intentions or desire to cause harm. It was a gesture to give reassurance and to let others know you are friendly and trustworthy.

Smiles were used to show that a person was sympathetic to the feelings of another, a way to show empathy and understanding of another’s emotions.

Smiling is an important part of social interaction and an important tool for making connections. The ‘Poly Vagal Nerve’, the big nerve which starts in the abdomen and runs from the neck to the brainstem, connects to the facial nerves, which are all responsible for regulating social engagement, including smiling. This nerve activates the parasympathetic system to promote relaxation, thus enabling a smile and improving wellbeing and better social interaction.

With this in mind it does raise concerns about the impact that the recent world pandemic had on our social connections. Wearing face masks became mandatory, covering our mouth and hiding each individual’s smile. There is not one person in the world who would not have experienced some level of social engagement breakdown.

More than ever post pandemic and in our modern demanding lives, smiling is fundamentally important in order to reinstate communication and positive connections. We should be more mindful to take a moment to gaze up from our devices, or even our own thoughts, to engage with and smile at those around us throughout the day. It’s infectious, and it will be reciprocated.

Make our communities a happy place!

Health Benefits Of Smiling!

Smiling has been proven to have a positive effect on our physical and mental health.

When we smile, the chemicals released from the brain activate many positive emotions, such as making us feel good, helping us to focus, increasing motivation, and providing feelings of pleasure and satisfaction when we do something we enjoy.

Smiling triggers a chain reaction in our brain that affects our mood, our emotions, and our overall wellbeing.

Next time you’re feeling a little down, try smiling. It could be the best remedy for your wellbeing.

How To Achieve A Perfect Smile?
Smiling comes from within. When you feel confident, happy and content, try practising a few minutes of calm and inner contentment.

Practice smiling even when you are not feeling jolly. This will exercise and tone the facial muscles, which will prevent a down-turned mouth, as well as releasing the happy hormones to feel good.

Stress promotes tight muscles in the body, especially clenched facial and jaw muscles, thus over-riding the smile action. Try adopting activities and hobbies that make you feel relaxed and happy, which work on elevating a smile.

Think about the positive aspects of your life, the happy moments, and feel yourself smile.

Another suggestion to consider is an aesthetic treatment to enhance your look and boost your confidence.

Best Treatments For Smile?

Medical Aesthetic Treatments:

Anti-Wrinkle injections
They relax the over active muscles that create a permanently down-turned mouth, thus creating a natural looking smile.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers can create full, plump lips and fill fine lines.

Always seek a highly skilled, experienced medical practitioner with a catalogue of successful treatments.

Best Lip & Lines Treatments!
Seek a professional aesthetic treatment.

A smile with plump, natural shaped lips and well-defined lip line, is one of the most important facial features and can create an immediate, positive impact.

Whether your lip volume or lip line has diminished with age, or simply in need of definition, aesthetic treatments can transform your mouth, thus smile.

If you want to avoid that super pout look, then why not try a more subtle plumping treatment to creating a natural plump lip look to include:

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic procedure that consists of localised micro-injections containing pharmaceutical medical grade hyaluronic acid and other anti-ageing ingredients into the skin.

Corrects multiple ageing concerns relating to around the mouth and lips, such as loss of flaccidity, fine lip lines, smile lines, wrinkles, and loss of lip volume.

Hylo Fusion Oxygen Therapy
The high intense-pressure air provides the same pressure used for delivering drugs into the skin and acts as an injection, pushing hyaluronic acid into the area without the needle.

The results are amazing on smile lines, wrinkles, lip volume and lip lines.

Hylo-Fusion Oxygen Therapy treatment

Permanent Lip Blush
Permanent make-up, also known as cosmetic tattoo or micropigmentation, is a cosmetic technique, which uses a device containing iron oxide to tattoo the skin to create the look of makeup.

The technology used, along with an artistic skill, provides a semi-permanent tattoo using the same method as the Ombre Brows called pixelating, which deposits small, undetectable dots of pigment to line and shade the lips creating extremely natural results.

A variety of Lip Blush styles are available from soft and natural colour that resembles a lip tint to a complete lipstick effect and lip line.

An ideal treatment procedure to achieve fuller and naturally defined looking lips.


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Author: Angela Taffinder the founder of Emporium Treatment Clinic. A practising Aesthetician for 35+ years, holistic and wellbeing advocate and yoga instructor.

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